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Brownfields and Urban Agriculture


Adding compost to the soil has multiple benefits:

  • It improves the soil structure
  • It adds organic material
  • It adds nutrient
  • It dilutes potential soil contaminants, provided the added compost is "clean", i.e it does not contain any contaminants

Below are links to publications on composting. The Kansas specific publications contain general information regarding composting that are applicable elsewhere.

Compost: Quality Considerations (pdf)

Making and Using Compost at Home (pdf)

How to build a compost bin

Guide for Community Yard Waste Composting in Kansas (pdf)

Kansas Garden Guide (pdf)

Tips for Starting a Home Composting System

Composting at Home - links and info

Home Composting Guide, incl. troubleshooting and maintenance tips

Compost troubleshooting and more (videos and publications)

Worm Composting Basics

Composting with Worms (pdf)

Call your USDA extension office with any questions